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Brody Rasmussen and Jeremy Glenn on the wall at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, "Youth Conference 2012".

The "Youth Conference" episodes are a recurring series of episodes within Danville 2nd Ward Young Men. These episodes consist of some of the times the Young Men have gone on Youth Conference, a day trip with other youth.

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Brody Rasmussen in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, "Youth Conference 2013".

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Dallin Earl, Jeremy Glenn, and Travis Neal singing in the car, "Youth Conference 2013".

In each episode, the Young Men explore some unique places in the San Francisco Bay Area, and usually end the day at a church building. A tradition of Dallin Earl and Jaren Garff singing Taylor Swift songs out the car window is also kept. In "Youth Conference 2012", the Young Men go to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to play field games. They also go to Ocean Beach, where Brody Rasmussen and Jeremy Glenn jump off a wall onto the beach. They end the day at the LDS Institute Building in Berkeley for dinner and and a dance. In "Youth Conference 2013", the Young Men go on a hike through Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. They hike through the redwoods to the Oakland Temple. They also walk down to Head-Royce School to eat lunch and play field games. While there, Brody and Jaren accidentally bust the fabric cover to a giant inflatable ball. They then go to the Moraga Church Building in Moraga for dinner and a dance.

Brody Rasmussen, Christian Hair, Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, Jeremy Glenn, Josh Laney, Keola Quereto, Nick Laney, and Travis Neal are the only ones that appear in all episodes.

Episode List Edit

Episode # Date
Youth Conference 2012 40 September 22, 2012
Youth Conference 2013 50 November 2, 2013

People In Series Edit

Name Episodes
Ashlyn Bruschke
Audrey Butler
Brayden Rasmussen
Brody Rasmussen
Bruce Wright
Chad Hales
Christian Hair
Dallin Earl
Devin Weaver
Emma Wright
Jackson Tucker
Jaren Garff
Jeff Reed
Jenny Farrell
Jeremy Glenn
Josh Laney
Kat Bates
Keola Quereto
Kira Stone
Melinda Farrell
Nick Laney
Rachel Halversen
Rebekah Folkman
Robbi Boyer
Ryan Hales
Taylor Aplanalp
Teddy Wright
Travis Neal

*Names in bold are people in both episodes.

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