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Brody Rasmussen rappelling into Yankee Doodle Canyon, "High Adventure 2013".

Yankee Doodle Canyon is a small canyon in Dixie National Forest, Utah. The canyon is a popular spot for canyoneering and is often used by local canyoneering schools and guides.

In "High Adventure 2013", the Young Men go with some guides from Zion Adventure Company to go canyoneering in Dixie National Forest. They're taken to some slot canyons in Yankee Doodle Canyon. At one point, they split into two groups. John WrightTravis NealKalani QueretoSteve FarrellAlec VieraBenner Call, Dallin Earl, and Chad Hales stay at the top of the canyon, while Kyle WorleyKyle Makaiwi, Christian HairBrody RasmussenJaren Garff, Barry NealJohn EarlJohn QueretoJeff WrightGreg Call, and Brent Spencer go deeper into the canyon. The guys on top are supposed to rappel down the face of the canyon and meet the other group at the bottom. John Wright, Steve, Benner, and Dallin all make it down, but then it starts raining pretty hard. Chad, Kalani, Alec, Travis, and a guide named Mike "abandon ship" and head back to the cars.

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John Wright rappelling into Yankee Doodle Canyon, "High Adventure 2013".

They take shelter in Chad's van. Meanwhile, everyone else is stuck in the canyon with a big waterfall right where they were rappelling. Chad says they're officially in "bail mode" and that they're going to start getting everyone out. He, Kalani, Alec, and Travis go outside and check on the guys. They form a rope system and start pulling everyone out of the canyon.

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