Wendover Will

Wendover Will

Wendover Will is a sign created for the Stateline Casino in West Wendover, Nevada in 1952. It is now a landmark for the town of West Wendover. Wendover Will was named after the town of Wendover and William Smith, who founded the Stateline Casino. The 63-foot-tall sign was intended to draw travelers in from US Highways 40 and 50, later known as Interstate 80. The sign includes 1,184 feet of neon tubing. When driving east on Interstate 80 a caption under the sign reads, "This is the place," apparently in homage to Brigham Young. When driving west the caption reads, "Where the West begins".

In January of 2016, Travis Neal stopped in West Wendover on his way to Utah, to check out Wendover Will.

Wendover Will in "Road Trip 2016".

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