Walnut Creek BART - 010

Walnut Creek Station

Walnut Creek BART Station, or Walnut Creek Station, is a BART station on the Pittsburg/Bay Point – SFO/Milbrae Line, located in Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek Station lies between Pleasant Hill Station and Lafayette Station. From here, you can take a train up to Pittsburg, or west to Oakland, San Francisco, and San Francisco International Airport.

In December of 2010, Dallin Earl and Travis Neal wait at Walnut Creek Station for a train to San Francisco.

IMG 0203

Dallin Earl at Walnut Creek BART Station, "Christmas 2010 Extras".

In July of 2011, Rick Patterson and Travis Neal take a train from Walnut Creek Station to San Francisco to go to the LDS Night with the Giants.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 6.40.32 PM

Rick Patterson in the elevator at Walnut Creek Station, "Rick's Visit July 2011".

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