The "Val's" episodes are a recurring series of episodes within Danville 2nd Ward Young Men and D2WYM Snippets. It is a tradition for the Young Men to go to Val's Burgers in Hayward, California and get the Papa Burger, a burger with two 1/2 pound patties, whenever someone turns 16. The person who has turned 16 has to finish the whole burger.

In "Val's October 2013", they go for Teddy Wright, who finishes his burger. In "Val's 2015", they go for Jackson Thompson. He doesn't finish his burger though, because he had eaten before coming.

Episode List Edit

Episode # Dates
Val's October 2013 49 October 16, 2013
Val's 2015 34 June 30, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.19.10 PM

Jeremy Glenn and Dallin Earl in, "Val's October 2013".

People In Series Edit

IMG 5345

John Wright, Travis Neal, and Teddy Wright in "Val's 2015".

Name Episodes
Alec Viera
Alex Wright
Andrew Burrill
Barry Neal
Brent Spencer
Chad Hales
Dallin Bruschke
Dallin Earl
Jackson Thompson
Jaren Garff
Jeremy Glenn
John Wright
Ryan Wiersdorf
Seth Garff
Teddy Wright
Travis Neal

*Names in bold are people in both episodes.

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