Ugly Casanova is an American indie rock band carried on Sub Pop Records. The band has released one album, Sharpen Your Teeth.

Two tracks released by Ugly Casanova, "Baby's Clean Conscience" and "Parasites", appear earlier as unreleased demos of Modest Mouse in the Paracite Sessions purportedly recorded in 1993 at Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic Studio. In 1997 the fourth Magic Eye Single (each one named after its color of vinyl) included To Roads To Go on the apparently now defunct Magic Eye Records, however, this was an entirely different incarnation of Ugly Casanova of Isaac Brock, Steve Dukage, and John Atkins of 764-Hero.

Rumors of new Ugly Casanova material have come and gone over recent years, but no substantial news regarding the band had surfaced until it was announced that Ugly Casanova would contribute to the soundtrack for the 2010 documentary 180 Degrees South: Conquerors of the Useless. The soundtrack featured eight new Ugly Casanova songs as well as a redone version of "Hotcha Girls" from Sharpen Your Teeth.

Featured Tracks Edit

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