Downtown Truckee

Truckee is a town in eastern Nevada County, California in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The town is located on the Truckee River, the only outlet of Lake Tahoe.
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IMG 2458

Greg Call's Cabin, "High Adventure 2012".

Greg Call owned a cabin in Truckee, and in August of 2012, some of the Young Men stay there for three days. They play some basketball at nearby Alder Creek Middle School, and one day they eat at a Panda Express in Truckee. At the cabin, Chad Hales gets some ghost pepper salsa. He, Chris Glenn, and Nolan Blair all try it, burning their mouths in the process.

In January of 2016, Travis Neal went on a road trip to Utah and Idaho, and stopped at Donner Lake Vista in Truckee along the way.

Featured In Edit

IMG 2459

Some of the Young Men playing basketball at Alder Creek Middle School, "High Adventure 2012".

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