800px-The Plain from Jefferson Hall, Oct 2008

The Plain

The Plain is the parade field at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. The flat terrain of the Plain is in contrast to the varied and hilly terrain of the remainder of the campus. The Plain rises approximately 150 feet above the Hudson River and has been the site of the longest continually occupied US Army garrison in America since 1778. In its early years, the entire academy was located on the Plain and it was used for varying activities ranging from drill and mounted cavalry maneuvers to an encampment site for summer training. Currently, the Plain refers to just the parade field where cadets perform ceremonial parades.

IMG 1695

The Plain in "West Point 2010".

In May of 2010, Dewlin Rosdahl and Travis Neal visited the United States Military Academy for Dewlin's brother's graduation. On the first day there, they went to a ceremony at The Plain. The marching band marched by, as well as every cadet, and paragliders even jumped out of planes and landed on The Plain.

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