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The Copperopolis Bungalow, "Yosemite 2014".

The Copperopolis Bungalow refers to a small house that the Young Men have stayed at in Copperopolis, California.

It first shows up in "Sledding Trip 2010". The Young Men stay overnight at the bungalow before going sledding. They go to the nearby pool and fitness center, and in the middle of the night, Rick Patterson talks to Jeremy Glenn, Travis Neal, Ryan Hales, Alec Viera, and Jaren Garff in his sleep.
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Jaren Garff, Dewlin Rosdahl, Dallin Earl, Kyle Worley, and Paul Kukuk at the bungalow, "Sledding Trip 2010".

In "Yosemite 2014", Jaren Garff, John Wright, Travis Neal, Dallin Bruschke, Nathan Wright, Luke Hentschel, Tommy Boguess, Bruce Wright, Nate Anderson, and Barry Neal stay here overnight on their way to Yosemite National Park. They go to the same pool and fitness center and play with Bruce's laser pointer out back. Jaren, John, Travis, Dallin, Nathan, Luke, and Tommy all sleep in the living room, much like the last time the Young Men were there.

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John Wright checking the fridge, "Yosemite 2014".

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