St. George is a city located in southern Washington County, Utah. The city lies 118 miles northeast of Las VegasNevada and 303 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15, and is a major city in southern Utah.

Washington County Utah incorporated and unincorporated areas St. George highlighted.svg

The hub of southern Utah and Utah's Dixie, a nickname given to the area when Mormon pioneers grew cotton in the warm climate, St. George is the seventh-largest city in Utah and the largest city in the state outside of the Wasatch Front. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it had the distinction in the late 2000s of having the fastest white population growth in the nation. It has been observed that the conservative social culture of the region shows, on the one hand, friction between "business-driven conservatives" and "anti-illegal immigration social conservatives," and on the other, some tensions between Mormons (by far a majority of the population) and non-Mormons.

IMG 3238

Kyle Makaiwi and Dallin Earl in Snow Canyon State Park, "High Adventure 2013".

In "High Adventure 2013", the Young Men camp in Snow Canyon State Park, just outside St. George. They hike to some lava tubes and climb petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon, and even go into town to a Cafe Rio. Kyle Makaiwi and Dallin Earl pick up some random girls at Cafe Rio, and even get their numbers.

Featured In Edit

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.01.52 PM

Jaren Garff, Dallin Earl, and Kyle Makaiwi walking out of Cafe Rio, "High Adventure 2013".

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