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The "School" episodes are a recurring series of episodes in D2WYM Snippets. In Travis Neal's Sophomore year at San Ramon Valley High School, he took several videos, documenting the Young Men in high school. Each episode revolves around a single month of the school year, from September of 2011 to March of 2012. and shows the Young Men before school, in carpool, during lunch, and after school saying or doing comical things.

Episode List Edit

Episode # Release Date
School: September 10 December 13, 2014
School: October 14 January 7, 2015
School: November 19 February 4, 2015
School: December 23 February 25, 2015
School: January 25 March 18, 2015
School: February 33 June 27, 2015
School: March 39 August 5, 2015

People In Series Edit

Name Episodes
Aaron Christensen
Alec Viera
Alex Earl
Anne Peterson
Annie Lowe
Chris Glenn
Dallin Earl
Declan Rosdahl
Grant Ganschow
Jackson Tucker
Jaren Garff
Jeff Reed
Jeremy Glenn
Jodi Reed
John Wright
Josh Scott
Kalani Quereto
Katie Christensen
Lyndsay Earl
Nolan Blair
Rebekah Folkman
Ryan Nearon
Taylor Aplanalp
Taylor Cattani
Teddy Wright
Travis Neal

*Names in bold are people in 5 or more episodes.

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