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Jaren Garff, Dallin Earl, and John Wright in A Hall.

School: February is the thirty-third episode of D2WYM Snippets, and aired June 27, 2015.

Episode Date: June 27, 2015

Preceded By: Too Much Water

Followed By: Val's 2015

Synopsis Edit

In Sophomore year of high school, Travis Neal took several videos throughout the year, between classes, at lunch, in carpool, and after Seminary.

February 14, 2012 Edit

Jaren Garff, John Wright, Travis Neal, Dallin Earl, and Teddy Wright are in A Hall. Jaren holds two balloons and tries to whack John with them. Jaren goes after Teddy and Travis with the balloons. Alec Viera and Jodi Reed walk into A Hall, and Alec asks where they got the balloons. Travis tells him they got them from the church. Travis takes his balloon and rubs it on Jodi's hair to see if it will stick up, but Jodi dodges it. Travis goes to rub it on Dallin's hair, but Jodi hits the balloon out of Travis' hand.

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Aaron Christensen and Teddy Wright testing out the headphones.

February 23, 2012 Edit

Teddy Wright, Aaron Christensen, and Travis Neal are in the School Library. They found some old headphones, and have plugged them into a computer. They play four different dubstep songs at the same time at full volume through the headphones to try to blow them out. They stick the headphones in Aaron's backpack to reduce the noise. Teddy steps back farther away, and says he can still hear them. After a few minutes, Aaron tries out the headphones, and they still work. Teddy tries them out, but says the subwoofer is a little blown.

February 24, 2012 Edit

Aaron Christensen, Teddy Wright, and Travis Neal are in Aaron's car, skipping school to get doughnuts. Since Aaron can't legally drive anyone, Teddy and Travis sit in the very back. They get to Christy's Donuts safely and get some doughnuts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.55.59 PM

Teddy Wright in the back of Aaron Christensen's car.

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