The Samoa Cookhouse is a cookhouse in Samoa, California that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a "lumber camp" fashion. The cookhouse was built in 1890, and would serve the many lumberjacks and loggers who would come through to work in the nearby lumber mills. The cookhouse is also considered the last surviving cookhouse in the western United States.

The cookhouse is also home to the Historic Logging Museum, which holds several artifacts, including logging tools, old typewriters, and some of the old battleships and submarines that wrecked nearby.
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Jaren Garff, Keola Quereto, Grant Carver, Ryan Hales, Jeremy Glenn, Christian Hair, Dallin Earl, and Travis Neal at the Samoa Cookhouse.

In "High Adventure 2014", the Young Men stop at the Samoa Cookhouse on their way back home. They eat breakfast there and check out some of the exhibits in the museum.

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Keola Quereto, Ryan Hales, and Christian Hair in the Samoa Cookhouse, "High Adventure 2014".

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