SLC airport, 2010

Salt Lake City International Airport is a civil-military airport about 4 miles west of Downtown Salt Lake CityUtah, United States. The airport is the closest commercial airport for more than 2.5 million people and is within a 30-minute drive of nearly 1.3 million jobs.

The airport is the fourth-largest hub for Delta Air Lines, as well as a hub for Delta Connection carrier SkyWest Airlines with nearly 300 daily departures, accounting for a 72.39% market share between October 2014 and September 2015. Following Delta and Delta Connection, the largest carriers are Southwest Airlines (11.11% market share), American Airlines (3.43%), and Alaska Airlines (2.56%).

In "High Adventure 2013", Chad Hales gets a call from Barry Neal, while he, Steve Farrell, Kalani Quereto, Alec Viera, and Travis Neal are driving home. Barry says he got to the Salt Lake City International Airport, and is updating Chad on everyone.

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