Safeway, 12110 Industry Blvd, Jackson

Safeway is an American supermarket chain that was founded in 1915. It was acquired by private equity investors led by Cerberus Capital Management in January 2015. The new merged company which includes the Albertsons supermarket chain has more than 2,200 stores and over 250,000 employees, which makes it the second largest supermarket chain in North America, after The Kroger Company, which has 2,625 stores. Safeway's primary base of operations is in the western and central United States, with some stores located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern Seaboard. The company is headquartered in PleasantonCalifornia with corporate support campuses in Pleasanton, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

In the D2WYM Snippets episode, "Trek Reenactment 2015", Regan Curtis stops at a Safeway in a shopping center in Jackson, California for dinner on the way home from Tragedy Spring.

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