IMG 2799

The Young Men at Bear Gulch Reservoir.

"Return to Pinnacles" is the fourteenth episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and aired March 20, 2010.

Dates: March 19-20, 2010

Preceded By: Sledding Trip 2010

Followed By: The 100th Anniversary Jamboree 2010

Synopsis Edit

The Young Men return to Pinnacles National Monument for another camping trip. Only this time, they have a lot more people. They first, eat at Subway in San Ramon, then head down to Pinnacles. After getting to camp and setting up, they all go on a night hike to Bear Gulch Caves.

Dallin Earl is supposed to meet up with everyone that night, along with his dad and his friend, Daniel Colton, but they don't get to the campsite till around midnight due to traffic. Before going to bed, some of the Young Men are talking a little too loudly. A British couple in the campsite next to them tell them to be more quiet, because their baby is sleeping. Just as the Young Men are about to go to sleep, the baby starts crying. The British couple then says, "I told you, you need to cradle the baby!" "I've already tried that, the baby's gone mad!"

IMG 0924

Daniel Colton, Ryan Hales, and John Earl in Bear Gulch Caves.

The next morning, they awake to frost covering everything. The Young Men get up, have breakfast, and head out for their hike. They hike the same route in "Pinnacles 2009". They stop at the Fallen Rock Caves, through the Bear Gulch Caves (only this time without any trouble), past Bear Gulch Reservoir, and up to High Peak.

They have a hearty lunch of Easy Cheese, and then head back down a different trail (also the same route in "Pinnacles 2009"). Some of the guys accidentally go off on the wrong trail, and have to turn around. A lot of them also didn't have water, so they very very thirsty. They eventually get to the trailhead and get to drink to our hearts content.

IMG 0946

Ryan Hales overlooking Pinnacles National Monument.

People In This Episode Edit

Locations Edit

IMG 2819

Tay Hyde, Rick Patterson, and Travis Neal on the trail.

Trivia Edit

Featured Music Edit

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