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Teddy Wright, Jaren Garff (on the slide), and Jeremy Glenn preparing for a special dive.

"Pool Party September 2013" is the forty-eighth episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men and aired September 28, 2013.

Date: September 28, 2013

Preceded By: High Adventure 2013

Followed By: Val's October 2013

Synopsis Edit

The Young Men go to Dave Van Blerkom's house to have a pool party. They grill some burgers and jump into his Dave's pool. Teddy Wright, Jaren Garff, and Jeremy Glenn plan out an epic dive. Jaren slides down the water slide into the pool, then Teddy dives in, and Jeremy dives over him. They try that configuration two more times. They then plan out a new dive with more people. Jaren slides down first, Teddy dives in, Jeremy dives in after him, Alec Viera, straddling the end of the slide, jumps in, and Brody Rasmussen slides into the pool right after him.

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Teddy Wright, Alec Viera, and Jeremy Glenn preparing to dive, while Jaren Garff slides off the slide.

They do that same configuration again, only Brody kind of flops off at the end. They try it again, only this time, Alec does a pencil dive at the end. They do it a fourth time, and on the fifth time, Jaren and Alec switch places. They then get nearly everyone on their "Big Dive". Travis Neal slides down the slide, then Teddy dives in, Alec dives in, Jaren, straddling the end of the slide, jumps in, then Luke Goldstein, then Kyle Makaiwi, and Brody finishes it off by sliding down the slide. Afterwards, they form a human chain between Teddy, Brody, Alec, Travis, and Luke, but they get stuck at the end of the slide. Kyle, Christian Hair, and Jaren slide down and try to push everyone off the slide. They then make a chain consisting of Teddy, Brody, Alec, Travis, Luke, Kyle, Christian, Jeremy, and Jaren and all slide down at the same time. This time, it actually works.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.29.22 PM

Teddy Wright, Brody Rasmussen, Alec Viera, Travis Neal, Luke Goldstein, Kyle Makaiwi, Christian Hair, Jeremy Glenn, and Jaren Garff in a human chain on the slide.

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