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Dallin Earl, Rick Patterson, Kyle Makaiwi, Teddy Wright, Jeremy Glenn, and Brent Spencer in the game of Buzz.

"Planning Meetings January 2010" is the twelfth episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and aired January 20, 2010.


January 13, 2010

January 20, 2010

Preceded By: Bike Ride January 2010

Followed By: Sledding Trip 2010

Synopsis Edit

The Young Men have several planning meetings to plan out camping trips and other events for the rest of 2010. In between planning, they take a break and go into the gym to play a game called "Buzz". The basic rules are that there are two teams. Each round someone from one team has to run to the other team's side, tap one of their members, and run back to their side safely all while saying "Buzz" in one breath the whole time.
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Dewlin Rosdahl, Rick Patterson, Brent Spencer, and Dallin Earl in the game of Mafia.

A week later, they take another break from planning to play a game of Mafia. Rick Patterson makes up a scenario each round of how someone dies tragically, and everyone has to guess who the killer is. The first round, Dallin Earl dies (it's never said why). The second round, Brandon Wilhelmsen dies from a bomb. The third round, Jaren Garff dies from electrocution. It turns out Jeremy Glenn is the killer, and he gets away with each murder.
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Ryan Hales, Kyle Makaiwi, and Dewlin Rosdahl.

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