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Brody Rasmussen outside Pizza My Heart, 1116 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, "Santa Cruz 2014".

Pizza My Heart is a chain of pizzeria restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. The chain was founded in 1981 in Capitola, California and currently has eighteen locations. The chain has been awarded the "Best in Silicon Valley" award for best pizza for the years 2006 and 2007 by Best in Silicon Valley 2006.

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Jeremy Glenn, Travis Neal, and Brody Rasmussen in Pizza My Heart, "Santa Cruz 2014".

In February of 2014, Brody Rasmussen, Alec Viera, Jeremy Glenn, Travis Neal, Ryan Hales, and Brayden Rasmussen went to the Pizza My Heart in downtown Santa Cruz after spending the day at East Cliff Beach. Travis made a "What Would You Do?" video with Jeremy and Brody. Brody asked Jeremy how he's doing, and how his "stomach ulcer" is. Jeremy ate nine slices of pizza, and they found a funny shark statue there.

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