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Dallin Bruschke, Marissa Webb, Ryan Hales, Seth Garff, and some friends at the Pine Ridge Trail Overlook, "Big Sur 2016".

Pine Ridge Trail Overlook is the unofficial name of an overlook spot along the Pine Ridge Trail in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Big Sur, California. The overlook is located on the mountain above the campgrounds, and overlooks a gulch with three burnt redwood trees.

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View from the overlook, "Big Sur 2016".

History Edit

2016 Edit

In May of 2016, while camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Ryan Hales and Seth Garff led a group of people on a hike up to the overlook, including Travis Neal, Dallin Bruschke, and Marissa Webb. After hiking an hour, they found the overlook, only to be disappointed by the view.

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Seth Garff and Ryan Hales at the overlook, "Big Sur 2016".

Ryan and Seth did an interview at the overlook. Ryan talked in an Australian accent. Travis pointed out the three black redwood trees, and Ryan jokingly accused him of being racist. Ryan also threw a rock off the overlook and hit one of the three trees.

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