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Agate Beach at Patrick's Point State Park, "High Adventure 2014".

Patrick's Point State Park is a California State Park 25 miles north of Eureka, California in the heart of California's coast redwood country, near the town of Trinidad.

The park is home to many tree species including coastal redwoods, spruce, hemlock, pine, fir and red alder and wildflower meadows with a shoreline that consists of sandy beaches and sheer cliffs against the Pacific Ocean.

Amenities include hiking trails, a recreated Yurok Village, a native plant garden, visitor center, three family campgrounds, two group camps, a camp for hikers and bicyclists, accessible beaches, lookout points, and three group picnic areas.

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Jeremy Glenn, Ryan Hales, and Christian Hair at camp in Patrick's Point State Park, "High Adventure 2014".

In "High Adventure 2014", the Young Men camp at Patrick's Point State Park. The first day there, they hike down to Agate Beach. They find a rotting elephant seal carcass on the beach. Jeremy Glenn loses a game of "What Are the Odds?", and has to sit on the elephant seal. The next day, after hiking in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, they go back to camp in Patrick's Point and Jeremy sets up his slackline. Ryan Hales had lost at "What Are the Odds?" and had to put a banana slug in his mouth. The day after that, after rafting on The Trinity River, they come back and make a dinner of steak and potatoes. Dallin Earl and Jeremy are in charge of cleaning the potatoes, and getting out the "dirty little cracks". Keola Quereto and Jaren Garff are in charge of making the cobbler. The next day, after kayaking at Big Lagoon, they come back and eat lunch at camp. They make up dumb stories around the fire pit. Later that day, they go back to camp and hang out a bit there before hiking up to Wedding Rock for a devotional. Up at Wedding Rock, Grant Carver pretends to cling off the edge, until Dallin stands behind him, revealing that Grant is not actually on the edge. After the devotional, they head back to camp, where Dallin, Ryan, Keola, and Jaren tell some dumb stories around the fire. The next day, they pack up their stuff and head out of camp. Before leaving Patrick's Point, they stop at the Yurok Village. Jaren climbs into one of the houses and sits by the fire pit inside.

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Wedding Rock, "High Adventure 2014".

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