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Martinez is a city in northern Contra Costa County, California. The downtown is notable for its large number of preserved old buildings. Martinez is located on the south side of the Carquinez Strait in the San Francisco Bay Area, directly facing the city of Benicia.

Main street

Downtown Martinez

In "Wintertime 2012/2013" some of the Young Men participate in the Junk Haul, where they take junk people don't want and haul it to Acme Fill Corporation in Martinez. At Acme Fill, Bruce Wright finds out a bunch of paint cans spilled in the bed of his truck, so he, Brent Spencer, Dallin Earl, and Travis Neal go to San Ramon to wash it out.

In "Showbiz Tour 2013", Showbiz goes to the Boys and Girls Club of Martinez to perform for the kids, but it doesn't go so well. Afterwards, their bus gets stuck in a dip in the middle of the street. They have to get out and push the bus out of the dip.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.06.48 PM

Acme Fill Corporation, "Wintertime 2012/2013".

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Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.12.45 PM

Brody Rasmussen and Jeff Reed playing foosball at the Boys and Girls Club of Martinez, "Showbiz Tour 2013".

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