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Randall Diamond, Brandon Wilhelmsen, Ryan Hales, Travis Neal, Dewlin Rosdahl, Rick Patterson, and Jaren Garff at the Remington Loop trailhead.

"Las Trampas June 2010" is the nineteenth episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and aired June 23, 2010.

Date: June 23, 2010

Preceded By: LDS Night With The Giants 2010

Followed By: Scout Camp 2010

Synopsis Edit

Ryan Hales, Dewlin Rosdahl, Jaren Garff, Rick Patterson, Travis Neal, and Brandon Wilhelmsen go on a hike through Las Trampas Regional Wilderness with Randall Diamond and Brent Spencer. They start at the Remington Loop trailhead and start up the hill. After hiking about half a mile, they cut over to a smaller trail to go to a small lake. After hiking a little ways, they find the lake...and it's very smelly. The lake, turns out, is full of small frogs, and they then take some time to try to catch them. After exploring the lake, they head back down.

IMG 2502

Hiking to the small lake.

IMG 2503

Ryan Hales and a cow.

People In This Episode Edit

Locations Edit

IMG 2521

The small lake.

Trivia Edit

  • Only episode to have a hike within Danville.
  • The lake in this episode can be found by hiking the Danville Fire Trail from Remington Loop. At the 0.68 marker, there should be a crossroads near a fenced-off shack. If you take a smaller trail on the left, you may find it. It may be dried out depending on weather situations.

Featured Music Edit

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