IMG 2470

Downtown Kings Beach, "High Adventure 2012".

Kings Beach is a census-designated place in eastern Placer CountyCalifornia on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The town's post office was erected in 1937. It was shut down between the years of 1942-1945. The area's name is after the first postmaster, Joe King. Kings Beach is known for Kings Beach State Park, a 979 foot long beach on Lake Tahoe.
800px-Placer County California Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Kings Beach Highlighted.svg

In "High Adventure 2012", some of the Young Men go to Kings Beach to hang out at the beach on Lake Tahoe.

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IMG 2469

Nolan Blair and Chase Carver kayaking on Lake Tahoe, "High Adventure 2012".

IMG 2472

Brody Rasmussen in Kings Beach, "High Adventure 2012".

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