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John is the eighteenth episode of D2WYM Snippets, and aired January 28, 2015.

Episode Date: January 28, 2015

Preceded By: Radioactive

Followed By: School: November

Synopsis Edit

The episode is a supercut of clips from Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and is specifically centered around John Wright. Each clip shows John either saying something funny, or something he says put out of context to sound funny. The following table shows the clips used from each episode.

Episode Description
Halloween 2010
  • John at the Ward Halloween party, pointing at his shirt, saying, "Yeah, I'm East West! East West!"
The Amazing Race Birthday Party 2010
  • John in the car with the party hats, saying "Oh we have to wear these?" "Are we going to Downtown Danville?" Jaren Garff says "Yes," and John yells "No!"
  • John looking at the camera, waving his arm around, and singing, "Happy birthday dear Ricky!" in Primo's Pizza.
  • John saying to Jaren Garff, "Hey, take the dumb hat off!"
  • John at a street corner saying, "Hey, what's up!"
  • John making a dumb face to the camera outside At The Candy Shop.
  • John outside Trader Joe's, throwing up peace signs, singing "We wish you a merry Christmas!" and "Santa Claus is not coming to town!" Travis Neal says, "Yes he is, John!" Alec Viera also says, "Yeah he is! Nonbeliever!"
  • John looking at the clue on the paper, and saying, "It has two B's in it,"
  • John standing in the Carl's Jr. drive-thru, and Travis Neal saying, "John, what are you doing?"
  • Travis Neal saying, "We have to get John out of the trunk. John grins from the trunk of the car.
Christmas 2010
  • John asking, "Who's a stalker?"
Valentine's Day 2011
  • John yelling, "It's bad!" in Chipotle.
  • John smiling after seeing Jeremy Glenn and Dallin Earl fight outside the bathroom.
  • Some kids dancing stupidly, and John yelling, "They're being gay!"
  • John saying, "I used to have a crush on her," in the car.
Big Sur 2011
  • John yelling, "I'm from a different state!" "Earl!" "Edward!" "My name isn't John Wright! It's Johnny John John John Jonathan yo John John, oh" and "My name is...Chase", in the trailer.
  • John walking over to the back bedroom and closing the curtain. Travis Neal says, "John what are you doing back there?"
  • John singing, "I'm stupid, because, I'm stupid!" in a stupid voice.
  • John being choked by Paul Kukuk. Paul says, "When are you gonna wise up?" John lays on the ground, then gets up and yells, "You wanna go, honey?"
  • John syaing "Hustle!" at Pfeiffer Beach.
  • John telling Travis Neal, "Oh yeah, and no breaking necks!" Travis says, "I didn't break your neck!" before they wrestle.
  • John in a headlock by Travis Neal.
  • John, freaking out when wrestling Dallin Earl.
  • John jumping off a sand dune at Pfeiffer Beach twice.
  • Travis Neal saying, "No John, don't rap,"
  • John with his hood on, and Travis Neal saying, "John, little emo child,"
  • John with his hood pulled down tight. Travis Neal says, "John's emo", Dallin Earl says, "Fat emo," Jaren Garff says, "Tu es un gordo!"
  • John about to do the cinnamon challenge, yelling, "Shut up! No! No! Don't bother me!" "You just talked!" and "I hear you. Hoo. Hoo." Dallin Earl asks, "Are you okay?" John replies with "No!" John asks, "Does it taste good?"
  • John eating the cinnamon and feeling his tongue burn.
Emergency Preparedness Fair 2011
  • John saying, "Hello, hello, hello. It doesn't do anything. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" and "Dude, that is so cool! Where the heck is Dallin? I'm gonna like, kill him," after sucking helium out of a balloon.
  • Some guy saying, "Spell 'coast'", and John saying, "C-O-S-T".
  • John with his face painted, asking Jenny Farrell if he looks weird.
  • John with his face painted, saying, "She's a girl, I trust her more,"
  • John getting his lips painted red.
  • Jenny Farrell drawing a heart on John's forehead. John gets surprised, and says, "That's a heart! You're drawing a heart!"
  • John with a heart and smiley face drawn on his forehead.
  • John looking at himself in the mirror with his painted face and laughing, as well as looking at the camera.
  • John with Seth Garff pinned to the wall. He says, "I'm gonna beat this kid up!" and looks down and says, "Whoa! Those are nice shoes!"
Fall 2011
  • John in the trunk of the car, saying "Yeah!"
  • John trying to do a flip in the hallway of the Church Building.
Halloween 2011
  • John handcuffed and held at gunpoint by Jeremy Glenn with a tiny squirt gun.
  • John getting handcuffed to a tree.
  • John yelling, "Push the black kid!"
  • John, freed from the handcuffs yelling in pain.
All American Label November 2011
  • John sticking his arm in the giant rolls of labels.
  • Jaren Garff putting a sticker sheet on John's face and ripping it off.
  • John trying to buy a Pepsi from the vending machine.
  • John saying, "Dude there's a, there's a, there's a, there's a 'B' on your ring," to Jeremy Glenn. Jeremy responds with, "It says 'CTR'".
  • John pointing to the giant printer, saying, "Dude, that's so cool!"
  • John watching the decal cutting machine and making over-the-top mechanical noises.
  • John pointing at some stickers, and saying "Heh, stickers!"
  • John throwing his roll of sticker paper at Jeremy Glenn.
Point Reyes 2011
  • John saying, "Five chocolate bars," to Jeremy Glenn.
  • John yelling, "No one told me that!"
  • John walking in the Bear Valley Trailhead parking lot. Travis Neal says, "John's a bad boy!" Jaren Garff says, "With tight pants".
  • John smiling to the camera in the Bear Valley Trailhead parking lot.
  • John jumping off a rock at Wildcat Beach.
  • John yelling, "I'm scared!" and "Hey you guys have to cheer for me, okay?" while Jeremy Glenn inches towards him with a whip made from seaweed. Nate Anderson cheers, "Yeah, let's go John!" John yells, "No, when I do it!"
  • John jumping off a sand ledge at Wildcat Beach.
  • John says, "Look at me!" with a headlight on. His face can't be seen, so Travis Neal says, "You just look like a light,"
  • John and Jaren Garff running from the tide at Wildcat Beach.
Wintertime 2011/2012
  • John running and spinning in the gym of the Church Building. Travis Neal says, "That's not even running, John!" John does some spinny jumps and jumps over two basketball court lines.
  • Jeremy Glenn pegging John with a whistle football while John hides behind some chairs.
Fathers and Sons Campout 2012
  • John yelling at Jaren Garff in the bathroom, "Jaren! Get out!"
  • John clinging on the edge of the bathroom roof.
  • John straddling the chimney on the bathroom roof, while Dallin uses his legs to climb up.
  • John asking, "You wouldn't do that in front of Jesus, would you? That's not funny!" to Ryan Hales.
  • John getting pinned down by Anthony Lowe's knee.
Big Sur 2012
High Adventure 2013
Christmas 2013
New Years 2013/2014
Broom Hockey 2014
  • John, about to score a goal in the hockey game, but Teddy Wright kicks the ball away from the goal. John yells, "Oh, kick!"
  • John saying, "Here's the deal, we don't let them have it!"
  • John yelling in a high-pitched voice, "My broom! My broom!"
  • John yelling, "Oh pass me the ball! Pass me the ball!"
  • John yelling and screeching the game.
Fathers and Sons Campout 2014
  • John pointing at a kid with a Buster Posey shirt. John says, "Oh, Posey! I like that kid's shirt!"
  • John saying, "Hobos! And rocks!"
  • John saying, "Wait wait wait. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but potty break!"
  • John yelling to Ryan Hales, "Ryan, I miss Dewlin!" while peeing.
  • John on top of a boulder, saying, "This, right here, is Paradise. This is the Tree of Life!"
  • John in the tent, saying, "It feels like I'm um, part of a, part of a, some kind of clan" Travis Neal asks, "Do you guys want a little bit?" John replies with, "Yes, please," John also says, "Oh whoa, what is this Travis?" "Weed?" and "Okay! Okay! Too loud!"
Big Sur 2014
Yosemite 2014
  • John yelling to Nate Anderson, "You hear that, Nate?" and singing, "It's too late to apologize!" in the Copperopolis Bungalow.
  • John asking, "Where's the bench press?" in the gym.
  • John and Jaren Garff on the hike to Clouds Rest. Jaren takes John's hat, puts it on, and walks like John. John grabs it off Jaren's head.

Trivia Edit

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