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Head-Royce School, "Youth Conference 2013".

Head-Royce School is a co-educational college-preparatory K-12 school in OaklandCalifornia. Head-Royce is composed of three divisions. The Lower School consists of kindergarten through 5th grade. Middle School is composed of 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Finally, Upper School encompasses 9th through 12th grades. Most new students enter Head-Royce in kindergarten, 6th grade, or 9th grade.
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Jeremy Glenn at Head-Royce School, "Youth Conference 2013".

In "Youth Conference 2013", the Young Men go to Head-Royce School with several other youth. They eat lunch at the school, and Brody Rasmussen throws a grape at Jeremy Glenn. The grape hits Jeremy's cup of water and knocks it over, spilling all over Jeremy's pants. Brody runs away, but Jeremy seeks revenge by chasing him down and pelting him with grapes. Their quarrel ends with Brody hugging Jeremy.

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Brody Rasmussen on the Head-Royce basketball court, "Youth Conference 2013".

They then all go over to the school field and play various field games. Travis finds a drinking fountain that shoots water a couple feet into the air. He sprays Dallin Earl and Ashlyn Bruschke with it. Brody, Jeremy, Keola QueretoNick Laney, and Josh Laney all mess around with a giant ball on the field. They have Jeremy hold the ball, and they run to him and try to bounce off it. Brody and Jaren Garff run at each other with the ball.They accidentally break the seam of the outer fabric layer. Brody and Jeremy then play some sort of tag/dodgeball game where they try to tag each other by throwing a ball at each other. They then team up and peg Jaren with balls.

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Jeremy Glenn and Brody Rasmussen playing a ball game on the Head-Royce field, "Youth Conference 2013".

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