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Jaren Garff on the bathroom roof.

"Fathers and Sons Campout 2013" is the forty-third episode of Danville 2nd Ward Young Men and aired May 18, 2013.

Dates: May 17-18, 2013

Preceded By: Kirkwood 2013

Followed By: Big Sur 2013
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Brayden Rasmussen playing the guitar.

Synopsis Edit

The Fathers and Sons Campout is held again at Hetch Hetchy Group Camp in Del Valle Regional Park. The episode starts with Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, Teddy Wright, and Travis Neal at campground bathroom, trying to climb onto the roof. Teddy and Jaren hold a garbage can steady so Dallin can climb up. Dallin, who hasn't jumped in a while because of a broken leg, takes a while to heave himself up. He eventually does, and Jaren and Teddy help push his legs up. Jaren then climbs up onto the garbage can. He grabs Dallin's arm and jumps up onto the roof. They all get up on the roof and watch the campfire from far off. Travis flashes "HELLO" in morse code with his phone flashlight.

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Sam Lowe with his fish.

They then get off the roof and go over to the campfire. Brayden Rasmussen plays "Hallelujah" and "Blackbird" on Travis' guitar, while Mike Rasmussen and Travis sing along. After the campfire, they go to Dallin's giant tent. They find out one of the corners keeps blowing inward from the wind, so Teddy and Travis try to fix it. The stake won't stay in the ground because the ground is too soft, so they put everyone's stuff in the corner to weigh it down. After reading an issue of Game Informer and hearing some younger kids' scary stories in the other room, they go to bed.

The next morning, they have breakfast, and Sam Lowe comes running into camp with a giant fish on a metal pole. It turns out it was already dead, and he had just speared it. The younger kids take the fish and throw it in the fire until it's burnt. They then run to the lakeside and throw it back into the water in hopes that it'll come back to life. After breakfast, everyone packs up their stuff and head out.

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Teddy Wright and Christian Hair getting breakfast.

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