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Dallin Earl sucking the helium from a balloon, "Emergency Preparedness Fair 2009".

The "Emergency Preparedness Fair" episodes are a recurring series of episodes within Danville 2nd Ward Young Men and D2WYM Snippets. These episodes consist of some of the times the Young Men went to the Emergency Preparedness Fair, a community fair held to keep people better prepared for natural disasters.

The fair is normally held at the Church Building in Danville, California, and it's been made a tradition amongst the Young Men to take some of the balloons and suck helium out of them.

IMG 1732

Jenny Farrell, Jeremy Glenn, and Alec Viera on the earthquake simulation ride, "Emergency Preparedness Fair 2009".

IMG 3860

Travis Neal and Maddy Auman in a police car, "Emergency Preparedness Fair 2010".

Episode List Edit

Episode # Dates
Emergency Preparedness Fair 2009 5 September 12, 2009
Emergency Preparedness Fair 2010 45 September 11, 2010
Emergency Preparedness Fair 2011 29 September 10, 2011
IMG 3861

Katie Christensen and Travis Neal with a blood drop man, "Emergency Preparedness Fair 2010".

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John Wright with his face painted, "Emergency Preparedness Fair 2011".

People In Series Edit

Name Episodes
Alec Viera
Ali Spencer
Allison Clark
Alyssa Coons
Ashlyn Bruschke
Ben Hales
Dallin Earl
Dewlin Rosdahl
Grant Carver
Jaren Garff
Jane Clyde
Jenny Farrell
Jeremy Glenn
John Wright
Katie Christensen
Maddy Auman
Maryn Smyth
Melinda "Fij" Farrell
Rick Patterson
Ryan Hales
Sabrina McGinnis
Seth Garff
Taylor Aplanalp
Travis Neal

*Names in bold are people in 2 or more episodes.

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