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Jeremy Glenn, Christian Hair, Grant Carver, Travis Neal, Ryan Hales, and Keola Quereto at the Drive-Thru Tree.

The Chandelier Tree, or Drive-Thru Tree is a 315-foot tall coast redwood tree in Leggett, California with a 6-foot wide by 6-foot-9-inch high hole cut through its base to allow a car to drive through. Its base measures 21 ft in diameter. The name "Chandelier Tree" comes from its unique limbs that resemble a chandelier. The limbs, which measure from 4 to 7 ft in diameter, begin 100 ft above the ground. The tree is believed to have been carved in the early 1930s by Charlie Underwood.

In "High Adventure 2014", the Young Men stop at the Drive-Thru Tree on their way up to Humboldt County. Jaren Garff clings onto the back of John Quereto's minivan while driving through the tree.

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Jaren Garff on John Quereto's minivan in the Drive-Thru Tree, "High Adventure 2014".

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