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Dewlin is the fifty-second episode of D2WYM Snippets, and aired September 28, 2015.

Episode Date: September 28, 2015

Preceded By: Return to Pinnacles 2010 Extras

Followed By: Halloween 2010 Extras

 Synopsis Edit

The episode is a supercut of clips from Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and is specifically centered around Dewlin Rosdahl. Each clip shows Dewlin either saying something funny, or something he says put out of context to sound funny. The following table shows the clips used from each episode.

Episode Description
Planning Meetings January 2010
Sledding Trip 2010
  • Dewlin playing Sweet and Sour, yelling "Yea, go Spanish!", listening to Dallin Earl talk about a fat guy, and yelling, "It says Dewlin Road on that sign!"
  • Dewlin laughing and saying, "Their adventure!" while Dallin Earl makes fun of a bag of Goldfish.
  • Dewlin riding off a treadmill in Copperopolis.
  • Picture of Dewlin and Dallin Earl in the car in Copperopolis.
  • Picture of Dewlin sleeping on Dallin Earl's shoulder in the car.
  • Dewlin at Spicer Sno Park, pointing and yelling, "Oh right there! Dude!" and saying, "Hey," to the camera.
  • Dewlin in the gas station in Copperopolis, laughing and saying, "Videotape it!" and "Copperop, Coptropolis!"
The 100th Anniversary Jamboree 2010
  • Dewlin making a funny voice, and saying, "Yea Jamboree! Yea!" looking at the camera and saying, "Dude, follow me! Follow me!" and "What?"
April/May Weekend 2010
LDS Night With The Giants 2010
  • Dewlin on a drop ride at the fair.
Las Trampas June 2010
  • Picture of Dewlin looking back at the camera on the hike.
  • Dewlin saying, "Oh my gosh!" "Dude there's one in every hole!" and "There's a black one!" when finding frogs at the lake.
  • Picture of Dewlin at the lake.
  • Picture of Dewlin looking at Mount Diablo.
Scout Camp 2010
  • Picture of Dewlin on a campground sign with Ryan Hales at Camp Oljato.
  • Shot of a spider and lizard, Dewlin says, "Dude, would if a snake came in and was like, 'Budlululuh!""
  • Dewlin trying to grab a dodgeball in the dodgeball game.

Trivia Edit

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