Cambrian Park Plaza

Cambrian Park is a census-designated place and neighborhood of San Jose, a city in Santa Clara County, California. Cambrian Park was never incorporated as a town (although there were efforts to do so in the early 1960s), and there was a Post Office located in the Cambrian Park Plaza. Much of the neighborhood is now part of the incorporated city of San Jose.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 12.34.53 PM

Jeremy Glenn in Cambrian Park, "Santa Cruz 2014".

History Edit

2014 Edit

In February of 2014, Brody Rasmussen had to go to the bathroom on the way home from Santa Cruz. He, Jeremy Glenn, Travis Neal, and Alec Viera pulled into a strip mall in Cambrian Park, and Brody ran into a New Balance store to see if they had a bathroom. Much to his luck, they did, and while he did his business, he texted Jeremy, Travis and Alec, "The eagle has landed."

Featured In Edit

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