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Buried Alive is the fifth episode of D2WYM Snippets, and aired November 15, 2014. The episode is considered a spin-off of Big Sur 2014.

Episode Date: November 15, 2014

Preceded By: Every Date Title

Followed By: Dallin

Synopsis Edit

May 24, 2014

In "Big Sur 2014", there was some sped up footage of Brody Rasmussen and Jeff Reed digging their way out after being buried up to their heads. This episode consists of that footage at normal speed.

After pushing a swim noodle back and forth with their noses, Brody says, "Jeff, Operation Dragonfly on three. One. Two. Three." They both try to wiggle their way out, but their arms are stuck underneath the layers of sand. Jeff gets his right arm free and starts digging around his chest. Brody gets both his arms free, and it begins to be a race to see who can get out first.

Brody tries to push himself up and out, but his torso is still stuck. Jeff gets his left arm out, and Brody starts pushing sand over towards Jeff to free himself. Jeff pushes the sand back towards Brody, but Brody just pushes it to the middle, and they both dig out to the side, rather than forwards. Jeff uses his hands while Brody uses his elbows and forearms, getting his stomach free. Brody eventually gets down to his shorts, while Jeff still struggles to get to his stomach. Melinda Farrell shovels some sand into Brody's way, but Brody pushes it back towards her. Jeff eventually gets down to his stomach, and by that time, Brody is already pulling his right leg out. His left leg still remains stuck. In order to get it out, he pushes the sand towards Jeff while Jeff barricades it with his arms. Brody then starts digging off to the side. Jeff and Brody agree that once Brody gets his left leg out, Jeff can push the sand between them forward, because the weight of it is what's keeping Jeff down.

Brody starts working around his left leg. He eventually pulls his left leg out, and Jeff can finally push the sand off of himself.

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