BYU Campus North
Brigham Young University (often referred to as BYU or, colloquially, The Y) is a private research university located in Provo, Utah, United States. It is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and, excluding online students, is the largest of any religious university and the third largest private university in the United States, with 29,672 on-campus students. Approximately 99 percent of the students are members of the LDS Church, and one-third of its US students are from Utah.
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Jaren Garff, Brody Rasmussen, Brayden Rasmussen, Seth Garff, Travis Neal, Dallin Earl, and two of Brayden and Seth's friends singing in Heritage Halls, "Radioactive".

BYU offers programs in liberal arts, engineering, agriculture, management, physical and mathematical sciences, nursing and law. The university is broadly organized into 11 colleges or schools at its main Provo campus, with certain colleges and divisions defining their own admission standards. The university also administers two satellite campuses, one in Jerusalem and one in Salt Lake City, while its parent organization, the Church Educational System (CES), sponsors sister schools in Hawaii and Idaho. The university's primary focus is on undergraduate education, but it also has 68 master's and 25 doctoral degree programs.

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Jaren Garff looking out the window in Heritage Halls, "Radioactive".

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Jaren Garff, Dallin Earl, and their roommate at Brigham Young University, "Update 2015".

History Edit

2013 Edit

In July of 2013, Brody Rasmussen, Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, Brayden Rasmussen, Seth Garff, two of Brayden and Seth's friends, and Travis Neal sang the Imagine Dragons song, "Radioactive" at a variety show at BYU. They spent a great amount of time in a dorm room in Heritage Halls, practicing the song.

2015 Edit

In 2015, Dallin Earl, Jaren Garff, and Christian Hair started school at BYU.

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