Boswell's Party Store (or Boswell's Party Supplies) is a party supplies store located at 1901 Camino Ramon in Danville, California. The store offers supplies and trinkets for birthday parties as well as Halloween costumes. There is another Boswell's store located in Lafayette under the same name.
IMG 0061

The Blue Team in Boswell's Party Store, "The Amazing Race Birthday Party 2010".

History Edit

2010 Edit

In December of 2010, Boswell's Party Store was a location in Rick Patterson and Jaren Garff's Amazing Race birthday party. The Blue Team went to Boswell's to buy five dollars worth of party decorations, five dollars worth of party decorations for the other team, and took a picture of a dreadlock wig, a Hawaiian lei, a horse sticker, a fake mustache, a smiley face ring, and an acrylic container of plastic babies. They also had to take a funny picture of everyone wearing a funny prop.

Featured In Edit

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