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The Big Sur River Gorge, "Big Sur 2014".

The Big Sur River Gorge is a watering hole area on the Big Sur River in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The gorge is accessible by a one mile-long trail over large boulders in the river.

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Dallin Bruschke clinging onto a log, "Big Sur 2016".

History Edit

2014 Edit

In May of 2014, Brody Rasmussen, Jeff Reed, and Travis Neal went to the gorge and find some people already there, like John Wright and Dallin Earl. Brody jumped off a giant boulder there. On the way back to camp, Travis fell into the river and ruined his camera.

2016 Edit

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The Big Sur River Gorge, "Big Sur 2016".

In May of 2016, Travis Neal and Dallin Bruschke went to the Big Sur River Gorge with some people and climbed about on the giant boulders.

Featured In Edit

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