UC Berkeley

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Dallin Earl in Berkeley, "Youth Conference 2012".

Berkeley is a city in northwestern Alameda County, California. It is the fourth largest city in the county. The city, especially around the Telegraph Avenue, was a center of the hippie movement between 1967 and 1969. The city is also known for the University of California, Berkeley, the oldest campus in the University of California system. UC Berkeley has been ranked one of the best colleges in California and the United States.

History Edit

2011 Edit

In November of 2011, Nate Anderson, John Wright, and Travis Neal picked up a guy they met while camping at the Wildcat Campground in Point Reyes National Seashore. He lived in Berkeley, so they dropped him off there.

2012 Edit

In September of 2012, Dallin Earl and Jaren Garff sang Taylor Swift's "Love Story" out the car window to people in Berkeley. They also went to the LDS Institute Building, where they went on the roof, listened to some speakers and went to a dance there.

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