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Barbecue Terrace Campground, "Fathers and Sons Campout 2014".

Barbecue Terrace Campground is a campground on the southwest side of Mount Diablo State Park. The campground is located on the side of the mountain, and offers nice views of the San Ramon Valley.
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View from Barbecue Terrace, "Fathers and Sons Campout 2014".

History Edit

2014 Edit

In May of 2014, the Father and Sons Campout was held at Barbecue Terrace. Ryan Hales, John Wright, and Travis Neal explored the area around the campground at night. They climbed on the nearby boulders and ran down the road until they find what looked like a giant fire pit. They also found a giant animal trap.

Ryan and Travis also kept the tradition alive of climbing onto the bathroom roof.

That night, some raccoons came into camp and fought by their tent. A car alarm also went off in the middle of the night.

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Ryan Hales and John Wright setting up their tent at Barbecue Terrace Campground, "Fathers and Sons Campout 2014".

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