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Alec is the thirteenth episode of D2WYM Snippets, and aired January 2, 2015.

Episode Date: January 2, 2015

Preceded By: Going Home

Followed By: School: October

Synopsis Edit

The episode is a supercut of clips from Danville 2nd Ward Young Men, and is specifically centered around Alec Viera. Each clip shows Alec either saying something funny, or something he says put out of context to sound funny. The following table shows the clips used from each episode.

Episode Description
Emergency Preparedness Fair 2009
Sausalito 2009
  • Alec raising his arms up and making a face at the camera at the Sausalito waterfront.
Return to Sunol 2009
Bike Ride January 2010
  • Alec shaking his head at the camera and covering his face at Panda Express.
Planning Meetings January 2010
  • Alec laying on the floor in the Buzz game.
Sledding Trip 2010
  • Alec asking a sleep-talking Rick Patterson, "Can you demonstrate for us?" and Rick replying with, "No".
Return to Pinnacles 2010
  • Alec saying, "He blows it like marijuana".
  • Alec in the car, saying to the camera, "Don't you have any consideration for what I just said?"
LDS Night With The Giants 2010
  • Alec on the swings ride, saying, "No, we're not," and waving his hand in the air.
The Amazing Race Birthday Party 2010
  • Alec raising one eyebrow and putting a spoon in his mouth.
  • Alec in Lucky Supermarket, raising his broken arm saying, "Yea, it will heal this in like, five seconds, that's why it's called Superfood".
  • Alec pointing to a banner with a basketball player, saying, "Look, he drinks Superfood. He drinks it. That guy."
  • Alec pointing to a Solomon DVD, saying, "He drinks Superfood".
  • Alec saying, "Maybe he does too", pointing to a Jesus DVD.
  • Alec saying, "Blockbusters".
Valentine's Day 2011
Mount Diablo 2011
All American Label November 2011
Point Reyes 2011
Big Sur 2012
  • Alec saying "Going on the YouTubes", while helping Jeremy Glenn into his wetsuit at Pfeiffer Beach.
  • Alec messing with the webbing in Jeremy's armpit of his wetsuit.
  • Alec saying, "Yea, they try and chase me!" by the campfire.
  • Alec singing, "He got eaten by a whale!"
Showbiz Tour 2013
  • Alec staring at the camera while in the bus on the Bay Bridge.
  • Alec saying, "Oh! Holla at that!" in the duck tour in Chinatown.
  • Alec saying, "Are we at a THX event right now?" in the duck tour.
  • Alec in the hotel room in the Holiday Inn Express, saying, "Can we try to find a Panda Express here?", "Recording are we? "Spying?" and singing "Hiphopapotamus v Rhymenoceros" by Flight of the Conchords.
  • Alec in the hotel room later that night, saying, "Hey! Alex Lowe's going to North Carolina!" and "That's two", "That's one", while Jeremy Glenn and Brody Rasmussen have their pushup competition.
  • Josh Bromley dancing behind Alec at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.
  • Alec saying, "Give me five dollars," and "Hurry it up and maybe I'll give you six!" while a performer prepares to walk on some glass barefoot at Pier 39.
  • Alec and Jeremy Glenn in Bubba Gumps.
  • Alec whispering, "Nobody sees anything," to the camera in the Winchester Mystery House.
High Adventure 2013
  • Alec laying in Chad Hales' van in Arizona.
  • Alec saying "Spider-Man", at The Narrows.
  • Alec looking from out the window to the camera in Chad's van in Leeds.
  • Alec saying, "I mean, hmm?" and pulling a funny face at Yankee Doodle Canyon.
  • Alec yelling, "Benner the gods have cursed you!"
  • Alec saying, "Well you're a terrible person!" on the way back to Yankee Doodle Canyon from the car.
  • Alec pointing to Cafe Rio behind him and saying, "This is Cafe Rio".
  • Alec raising his arms to the camera on the hike to Angels Landing.
  • Alec saying, "Scouts Landing?" at Scouts Landing.
  • Alec climbing up some rocks on the hike to Angels Landing.
  • Alec saying, "We're going base jumping now?" and "We'll really meet them at the bottom," on the hike to Angels Landing.
  • Alec sleeping in Chad's van, with his head hovering by Travis Neal's shoulder.
  • Alec looking at the camera in Kramer Junction.
  • Alec shaking his head at the camera.
  • Alec saying, "It's the last," and "It's the last of all of it,"
  • Alec saying, "We'll hide in the baptismal font" while pulling up to the Church Building.
Pool Party September 2013
  • Alec inching along the edge of the pool pulling a funny face at the camera.
Val's October 2013
  • Alec getting close to the camera while Jeremy Glenn and Teddy Wright mess with their hair outside Val's Burgers.
  • Alec staring at the camera in Val's Burgers.
  • Travis Neal asking, "Still working on it?" and Alec nodding his head.
  • Alec asking, "Do I have your permission to be on YouTube?"
  • Alec saying, "I don't even have an Instagram, but I'm gonna follow her. I'll find a way!"
  • Alec pointing at Jeremy and yelling, "You are just a coward and a copier!"
  • Alec in the car, saying, "She's not the waitress that we need," She's the waitress Gotham needs," "Comin' for ya!" in a creepy voice, "Well it was pretty", "SKILLS!", and "Good thing that I'm also a temple, because I'm actually just introverted and looking at myself".
Food Drive 2013
  • Alec quietly getting the Chinese Jell-O from the baby changing station in the Church Building bathroom.
  • Alec saying, "Oh it's Kool Aid," "Oriental Kool Aid," "It's actually Jell-O", "It's actually Jell-O," "It's actually Jell-O,"
  • Alec slurping down the Chinese Jell-O.
Santa Cruz 2014
  • Alec and Brody Rasmussen using a log like a seesaw at East Cliff Beach.
  • Alec waving to the drone camera.
  • Alec nodding to the camera and saying, "Cool".
  • Alec watching Brody run into the New Balance in Cambrian Park, saying, "Look at him go!"
  • Alec yelling, "It's a woman!" to the lady driving with broken tail lights.

Trivia Edit

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