Aaron Christensen was a friend of some of the Young Men, particularly Travis Neal and Teddy Wright. Aaron is also the older brother of Katie Christensen.

Aaron shows up in most of the "School" episodes of D2WYM Snippets. He hangs out with Teddy, Travis, Grant Ganschow, Declan Rosdahl, Josh Scott, and Kalani Quereto in the School Library before school, and often is involved in the funny things they do in those times.

Aaron first shows up in "School: October". He, Travis, and Teddy ride the elevator up to the School Library. When they get to the second floor, Grant, Declan, and Josh rush in and pin them to the walls. Aaron and Josh slip out before Declan and Grant take the elevator back down to the first floor.

Featured In Edit

*Titles in bold are D2WYM Snippets episodes, put in chronological order.

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