IMG 2363

AT&T Park, "LDS Night With The Giants 2010".

AT&T Park is a baseball park located in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Since 2000, it has served as the home of the San Francisco Giants, the city's Major League Baseball franchise. Originally named Pacific Bell Park, then SBC Park in 2003 after SBC Communications acquired Pacific Bell, the stadium was ultimately christened AT&T Park in 2006 following SBC's buyout of AT&T. The park stands along the San Francisco Bay, a segment of which is named McCovey Cove in honor of former Giants player Willie McCovey.
IMG 9646

AT&T Park, decked out for a motocross competition, "Motorcross 2009".

History Edit

2009 Edit

In January of 2009, Dallin Earl and Travis Neal went to a motocross competition at AT&T Park. They met up with Kyle Makaiwi there. While there, they saw a small boy with a Harley Davidson jacket and a weird face drink out of a football-shaped water bottle. The water bottle had "DUSTIN" written on it, so they assume that's his name. They cracked a bunch of jokes about the kid.

2010 Edit

IMG 2398

Jeremy Glenn at AT&T Park, "LDS Night With The Giants 2010".

In June of 2010, Jeremy Glenn, Alec Viera, and Travis Neal went to AT&T Park to watch the Giants play the Baltimore Orioles. Jeremy bought some blue cotton candy and made a bunch of faces while eating it. At the seventh inning of the game, Brooke White sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". At the ninth inning, Jeremy called Rick Patterson to tell him the Giants were losing.

2011 Edit

In July of 2011, Rick Patterson and Travis Neal went to AT&T Park to watch the Giants play the San Diego Padres. The Giants started to lose the game halfway through, so they met up with Dallin Earl and Jaren Garff by the giant Coca Cola bottle.
IMG 0211

AT&T Park, "Rick's Visit July 2011".

2013 Edit

In June of 2013, Travis Neal, Brody Rasmussen, Alec Viera, and the rest of Showbiz went on a duck tour and passed by AT&T Park. The tour guide played "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and mentioned the Giants were playing the San Diego Padres that night.

IMG 0209

Rick Patterson at a Giants game, "Rick's Visit July 2011".

Featured In Edit

*Titles in bold are D2WYM Snippets episodes, put in chronological order.

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Dallin Earl at AT&T Park, "Rick's Visit July 2011".

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