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3 1/2 Avenue

3 1/2 Avenue is a street in Hopewell, Virginia. The street runs perpendicular to Davis Street and W Cawson Street, as well as W Broadway Ave and W Poythress Street, and runs parallel between N 4th Avenue and N 3rd Avenue.

Brody Rasmussen at 3 1/2 Avenue, "Brody in Virginia".

Next to 3 1/2 Avenue is the Three and a Half Street Playground, a small park named after the street. The park consists of a playground, a grassy area, and a basketball court.

History Edit

2016 Edit

In February of 2016, Brody Rasmussen found 3 1/2 Avenue while serving his mission in the Chesterfield area, and got his picture taken next to the street sign.

Featured In Edit

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